Our Programmes

If you are interested in any of the programmes below, click on the title and it will give you the date and time of the first session.
Who am I? includes Tree of life and identity
The object of this programme is to reclaim your identity and direction in life through stories.  This also focuses on developing life through trauma e.g.
  • bereavement through loss of love ones
  • abuse
  • domestic violence
  • Types of violence
  • Identify the source of anger & recognise triggers to violence
  • Recognise effects of violence on self, whānau & others
  • Supports & services
This programme supports parents in understanding and managing their children and shares positive ways of handling difficult situations.
  • Communicating with our children
  • Discipline / Setting boundaries
  • Safety
  • Supports and services
The object of this programme is to help those with excessive use of drugs and/or alcohol, to identify the impact on one's body and mind as well as those closest to them.
  • Facts and information about alcohol/other drugs
  • Information about effects on body, mind, spirit & whānau
  • Reflection on preferred relationship with alcohol/other drugs
  • Supports for making change